Jose Trecet


Bachelor's Degree in Journalism (Universidad Nebrija)
Diploma in Audiovisual Communication (Universidad Nebrija)
Master in Online Marketing (starjobs)


I have been writing about personal finance, savings, money, taxation and investment for more than 20 years in different media such as Intereconomia, Bolsamania, Dirigentes, Finect, Business Insider or Forbes.

In addition to writing, I have created training courses and acted as a financial coach.

I like thinking that I help people improve their financial literacy and make better decisions about money. In fact, behavioral finance is one of my great passions. And the fact is that when it comes to our money, we are much less rational than we think. You'll understand why in my articles.

I like writing about savings and basic financial management, indexing and benchmarking to make better investment decisions.

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