Luis Angel Hernandez

Luís began his professional career at BBVA and then moved to Rankia, where he furthered his education in financial markets. He has written more than 1,000 articles on financial education, investment funds and ETFs. He also heads the editorial board that provides independent review of more than 150 financial institutions in Europe and Latin America. Since 2021 he has led Rankia's expansion into Latin America. He also teaches the Introduction to Mutual Funds course, in which more than 1,500 students have participated.


Personal finance, mutual funds, broker regulation


University of Valencia (Spain) - MFIA certificate and CFA Level II candidate 2023


Editor-in-chief for more than 5 years in Rankia
Specialist in financial products and security in the financial intermediary sector
Lecturer in events such as Forinvest and channels such as Value School
MFIA certified by the BME Institute and CFA level I


Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Law. MFIA certificate and CFA level II candidate 2023.


I only write when I hear, because I can only hear when I write.

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