Xiaoying Zhou

Xiaoying has been an analyst in Rankia's investment funds section since 2020. She managed to pass the first level of the CFA exam in June 2021, scoring within the TOP 10% worldwide. She is now a candidate for CFA Level II. During her studies, she was a member of the nonprofit organization AIESEC, helping other students to intern abroad and promoting cultural exchange among them.

Currently, Xiaoying writes content for Rankia focused on mutual funds, ETFs and retirement plans, such as fund reviews and analysis of the best funds from global managers.


Mutual funds, ETFs, retirement plans


University of Valencia (Spain), CFA


Holder of Chartered Financial Analyst level I qualification.
+2 years writing in Rankia
Currently writing about mutual funds, ETFs and pension plans, such as fund reviews and analysis of best funds from global managers


"Avoid market noise and invest for the long term. Before selling, examine the historical performance of the S&P 500."

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