Robert Kiyosaki: Early Life, Philosophy, and Investment Strategy

Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur and investor. He is known for his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which has been translated into dozens of languages and became the number 1 bestseller of the New York Times.

The book recounts his real experiences with two very different father figures: his “poor father”, who taught him the importance of saving and being financially responsible, and his “rich father”, who taught him to invest in businesses and create wealth.

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Robert Kiyosaki

But let's take it step by step, in the following article we will reveal who Robert Kiyosaki is, his philosophy of life, as well as his investment strategy based on taking advantage of financial crises.

Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

Robert Toru Kiyosaki was born in Hawaii, on April 8, 1947. He comes from a family of educators. After his father's death, he went to live with his uncles. His uncle was an executive of a large company, and often took Robert Kiyosaki to eat and gave him advice on investments. Upon completing his university career, Robert rejected a well-paid job at Standard Oil to join the Navy as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War as a helicopter pilot.

On his return, after his military service, Robert began working for Xerox Corporation (XRX), where he applied one of the advice he received from his father, which was that the key to any successful business is sales. So he took it as a mantra, which earned him to ascend to become the main seller of Xerox. However, this achievement soon became too small and tutored by the advice of his mentor Miguel Cruz, who taught him the art of sales, along with his brother he founded the company Rippers. This was the first company to market wallets, wallets for nylon and velcro surfers.

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During this time, Robert also met and studied with R. Buckminster Fuller, who was a futurist, visionary, inventor, architect and humanitarian. Bucky, as he was known, had a great influence on Robert and, as a result, Robert set out to make a positive difference as an entrepreneur and financial educator.

So much so that in 1985 he was the co-founder of an international education company that operated in seven countries. This company dealt mainly with business and investment topics and promised advice to many graduates.

Robert Kiyosaki also stood out as the creator of educational board games. He designed, together with his wife Kim, the game known as Cash-flow, a game that seeks to teach people Financial Education about money and investment in a fun and entertaining way. In short, Kiyosaki sought to illustrate, in a playful and enjoyable way, the enhancement of your financial intelligence so that you can see in simulation mode your financial and investment decisions and, of course, their consequences.

Kiyosaki promoted this education as an academic necessity of vital importance, which should be included in the educational system of different countries of the world. Another educational game he developed was called Cash-flow 101, which was aimed at helping people learn how to get out of the routine of having a salaried job and depending on a salary, in order to become an entrepreneur with financial independence.

Finally, in 1997, Robert published his best-selling book to date, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and established The Rich Dad Company. The book and board game are now more popular and relevant than ever. Since then, he has devoted his time to Cash-flow Technologies, the company of which he is founder, CEO and shareholder. He has also been the author of 27 books, many of them co-authored with personalities such as Donald Trump.

Kiyosaki became the main spokesman and promoter of the theories exposed in his books with respect to financial management and which are partly a new conception about economic management. In short, Robert Kiyosaki is a self-made millionaire, and attributes much of his success to his understanding of financial concepts and investment strategies. Today Kiyosaki continues his educational work appearing as a distinguished guest in media outlets around the world. He is the presenter of the Rich Dad Radio Show podcast and a renowned speaker.

What is Robert Kiyosaki's philosophy?

Robert has been acclaimed as a visionary with talent for knowing how to simplify complex concepts and ideas about money, investment, finance and the economy, and has shared his journey to financial freedom with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

His point of view is as follows: In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, the “old advice” of going to school, getting a job, saving money, paying off debts, investing for the long term and diversifying has become obsolete.

So his advice and Rich Dad philosophy challenge the status quo, and his teachings encourage people to take charge of their financial education and freedom.

Now that you understand who this gentleman is and his unconventional way of expressing himself, I suppose you will understand better why Robert Kiyosaki's advice is so important to so many people and companies. Next we will see his strategy to take advantage of any market crisis.

Robert Kiyosaki's Investment Strategy

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It doesn't matter if we are on the brink of a real estate crisis, a debt crisis, or an inflationary period that will require strong interest rate hikes and some pain in the economy and businesses. A crisis is an opportunity.

Kiyosaki is not exactly happy with the current state of the US economy and states that “the United States has stopped producing products; instead, we produce bubbles”, and adds that “no matter if they are bubbles in the real estate market, the stock market or the bond market” And he believes that all bubbles eventually burst, and when they do, the wealth of many people suffers significantly. But on the other hand, big drops also create opportunities for those who are willing to buy on the dip.

Given his pessimistic outlook, it is not surprising that Kiyosaki prefers safe assets such as gold and silver. Precious metals, unlike fiat money, cannot be printed out of thin air and have been helping investors preserve purchasing power for centuries. Investing in gold is considered a safe investment.

The price of gold has increased by around 260% in the last 15 years. In addition, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has given investors another reason to investigate the yellow metal. While Kiyosaki owns gold, which he first bought in 1972, he prefers investing in silver in the current economic environment.

Returning to gold, Kiyosaki revealed in a tweet that he had bought 2500 American Silver Eagle coins. According to Kiyosaki, the fall is the best thing that can come to you to make you rich, so he has been taking advantage of every fall that has occurred in the last 40 years to buy these safe havens, be it gold, silver, or more recently bitcoin and ethereum.

As a result, Kiyosaki claims that the good thing about a bubble is that when it bursts, everything is for sale. And based on this approach, the author began to “buy real estate at bargain prices” during the financial crisis of 2008.

And so on, taking advantage of the falls to buy refuge assets at a pittance. And he is clear, the best will be those who have their wealth saved for that moment and can buy the best things like gold, silver, stocks and Bitcoin at a pittance.

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Quotes from Robert Kiyosaki

In his work as a writer he entered the world of journalism, being the head of the column:

Why do the rich get richer?

He also took part in a renowned Time Magazine column 10 questions, where he answered questions about the impact of financial education on people's lives.

Robert T. Kiyosaki gained international fame thanks to his books, the most important being:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The central theme of this book is:

Being rich is a freedom and a decision. There is no method for it, but there are signs that you are going in the right direction.

He gives Bill Gates as an example, saying that he did not finish university, and that was not an impediment to becoming one of the richest men in the world. In his opinion about the book is that the key is in the culture of effort that the elders teach their children.

He goes on to ask another question:

Is being rich synonymous with being successful?

According to him, not always, since success is achieved when one is in balance with everything around them. Money can give freedom, but it does not guarantee success, nor happiness. But it does help to find the way towards it. Lastly, he teaches us how fear prevents wealth.

Robert Kiyosaki:

Whenever you think you can't do something, someone else thinks you CAN.

Other famous Quotes by Robert Kiyosaki

  1. “Money is not the goal, financial freedom is”
  2. “Education is the only investment you never regret”
  3. “Poor people deny their reality; rich people create a new reality”
  4. “If you want to be rich, simply dedicate yourself to being the best at what you do”
  5. “Rich people make themselves rich, they are not born that way”
  6. “Success is the result of persistence and hard work”
  7. “If you want to be rich, you must think like a rich person”
  8. “Your financial education is more important than your formal education”
  9. “The richest people in the world look for and create businesses. They are not employees”
  10. “The challenge of getting rich is in the sacrifice. The path to wealth is paved with inconveniences, headaches and hard work.”
  11. “When it comes to money, I'm not a genius, but I've learned that there are two things you can do: earn more money or spend less. It's as simple as that”

Top 10 best books by Robert Kiyosaki

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • The Cashflow Quadrant
  • The Business of the 21st Century
  • Why the Rich Get Richer
  • Guide to Investing
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens
  • We Want You to Be Rich (with Donald Trump)
  • Retire Young Retire Rich: How to Get Rich Quickly and Stay Rich Forever!
  • Before You Quit Your Job
  • The Money Game

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FAQs about Robert Kiyosaki

Why is Robert Kiyosaki so Successful?

Kiyosaki became popular through his books, seminars, and otger educational materials. He helped people understand the importance of financial education and provided practical tools to help people their goal.
Kiyosaki is a reminder that hardwork, perseverance, and determination make anything possible.

Is the Advice in ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Still Relevant?

The advice offered in Rich Dad Poor Dad is still relevant because they are practical, actionable, and covers some of the foundational principles that are necessary to build wealth.
Despite being published several years ago, morals and strategy keep working it it remains a bestseller, which may be a testament to the timelessness of the advice that Kiyosaki offers.

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