What is Atas trading and how does it work?

Atas is a trading platform that provides professional tools, with a main focus on order flow analysis, which allows an understanding of the real-time buying and selling activity of market participants. Here we will explain the main features of Atas.

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What is Atas?

Atas is a trading platform designed to offer deep analysis tools and an accurate understanding of the market. Its main feature focuses on order flow, giving you a unique view of the real-time buying and selling activity in the markets.

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How does Atas work?

The ATAS trading platform is software designed for traders, especially in US futures and stock markets. ATAS provides traders with a wide variety of tools and features to analyse and execute trades in real time.

Atas offers flow analysis, advanced market visualisation, technical analysis tools and market depth, among others.

Main features of Atas

  1. Order flow analysis: ATAS focuses on order flow analysis, which means it provides detailed information about buy and sell orders entering the market. This information includes the size of the orders, the direction (buy or sell) and other relevant data.
  2. Advanced market visualisation: ATAS offers advanced price charts that display real-time data from different markets and financial products. You can customise and configure the charts according to your preferences, add technical indicators and configure platform functions.
  3. Technical analysis tools: In addition to the charts, ATAS provides a variety of technical analysis tools, such as indicators, oscillators and trend lines. These tools help identify patterns, trends, and entry and exit signals.
  4. Market depth: ATAS displays market depth, which means you can see the buy and sell orders that are pending at different price levels. This can be useful for understanding liquidity, supply and demand in a particular market.

Minimum requirements to use Atas Trading

Operating system: ATAS is compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10 and macOS.

  • Processor: A processor of at least 2 GHz or higher is recommended for optimal performance. The faster your processor, the better the platform's responsiveness and the less lagging you will experience.
  • RAM Memory: There is no official information for this requirement, but according to data collected from the internet from different users, it is recommended to have at least 4 GB of RAM memory.
  • Disk space: Make sure you have enough storage space on your hard drive to install the platform, and store historical data and settings. Approximately 5 gigabytes will be more than enough.
  • Internet connection: It is essential to have a stable Internet connection with good speed to receive real-time data and execute operations without significant delays.


ATAS is a data analysis and visualisation software platform used by traders to analyse financial markets. It is not a broker or a financial entity, therefore, the specific regulations that apply to brokers or financial institutions do not directly apply to ATAS as a software platform. The important thing is that the broker you will use with this platform is a regulated and reliable broker.

Customer support

ATAS provides customer support to assist users with any questions, technical issues or inquiries related to the platform. Customer support is available via email and live chat on their website.

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What financial instruments can I trade on Atas?

  • Stocks: You can trade with stocks from different companies listed on the US stock markets.
  • Futures: ATAS is especially popular among futures traders, as you can trade with different products, such as commodities or raw materials (oil, gold, wheat, etc.), stock indices (S&P 500, Nasdaq, etc.)
  • Cryptocurrencies: With ATAS you can also trade with cryptocurrencies, which allows you to trade with popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

What tools and features are available on the Atas trading platform?

  • Market analysis: ATAS provides advanced market analysis tools, such as customisable charts, and technical indicators that help you better understand price action and market trends.
  • Order execution: You can perform operations directly from the ATAS trading platform. It allows you to execute buy and sell orders in different markets and financial products, such as stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Market data visualisation: The ATAS platform allows you to view real-time data from different exchanges and data providers. You can access quotes, trading volumes, market depth and other relevant statistics to make decisions.
  • Creation and testing of strategies: ATAS has a trading strategy creation function that allows you to design and test your own algorithmic trading systems.

Types of Atas accounts

  • Demo account: This is a practice account that allows you to familiarise yourself with the platform and test your trading strategies without risking real money. You can use real data for transactions, however, the money is fictitious.
  • Crypto account: This account is specifically designed to operate in the cryptocurrency market. There is no monthly or annual cost to use ATAS services on this account. However, it is important to note that this account has limitations and you will only be able to operate in the cryptocurrency market, excluding other financial markets. Keep in mind that crypto derivatives are not allowed in the UK for retail traders.
  • Professional account: The professional account is aimed at more advanced traders looking for additional features such as operating other markets. With this account, you can access advanced tools and features, as well as options for the development and testing of automated strategies.

Requirements to open an Atas account

To open an account in ATAS, the requirements are quite simple. You will only need to complete an application form in which you will provide basic information such as your name, email address and contact details. No identity verification or submission of additional documents is required, as it is not a broker.

Does Atas offer a demo account to practice?

Yes, ATAS offers a free demo account that allows users to practice and familiarise themselves with the platform. This demo account lasts for 15 days, during which users can access all the functions and features of ATAS.

It is important to note that, once the 15-day trial period expires, it will be necessary to subscribe to a paid account to continue using ATAS. The paid subscription provides ongoing access to the platform and all its capabilities after the demo account.

What are the costs of using Atas?

At press time, there are different offers available:

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ATAS Commissions

ATAS itself does not charge additional costs apart from its monthly subscription. However, it is important to note that there are commissions that may be charged by the broker with whom you are trading through the ATAS trading platform. These commissions are applied by the broker to cover their operating expenses and generate profits.

The commissions charged by the broker can vary depending on the type of financial instrument you are trading, the size of the transaction, and the broker's specific commission policies.

Is ATAS a secure platform?

ATAS trading is considered a generally secure platform. Security is a requirement for any trading platform, and ATAS implements measures to protect the information and funds of its users:

  1. Data encryption: ATAS uses encryption technology to protect the transfer of data between users and the platform. This helps to maintain the confidentiality of personal and financial information.
  2. Account protection: ATAS implements security measures to protect user accounts, such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and encourages the use of secure passwords.

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ATAS (Advanced Time And Sales) is a trading software that is commonly used for order flow analysis, and it is generally available internationally, including in the UK. It is most commonly used for analysis and is best suited for futures trading and professional traders.


Is ATAS suitable for beginners?

ATAS is geared more towards experienced traders due to its advanced features and analysis tools.

Can I execute trades directly through ATAS?

No, ATAS is for analysis only. You need to execute trades through a compatible brokerage account.

Does ATAS provide educational resources?

Yes, ATAS offers educational resources and support for users to understand and utilise its features effectively.

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