ProRealTime Review: Exploring a Versatile Trading Platform

In the world of trading, there are a few universal tools that most investors know. ProRealTime is one of them. In fact, this trading platform can even influence the choice of one broker or another, since not all of them offer it.

In this article, we will discuss what ProRealTime is and how it works, which brokers offer it, and what their benefits and costs are, so you can make an informed decision.

prorealtime review

What is ProRealTime?

ProRealTime is a trading platform with countless features and tools for technical analysis.

In other words, it serves as an interface on which you can conduct analysis, review charts and also execute trades. Of course, for this, you will also need a broker, who will act as an intermediary and execute your orders.

ProRealTime is a trading platform and not a broker. Additionally, being third-party software, it can be used with more than one financial intermediary.

As a platform, it offers over 100 technical analysis tools and it boasts a history of more than two decades. The company was founded in 2001 in France and over time it has become one of the most widely used trading platforms.

General characteristics of ProRealTime

  • 🏆 Regulation: European authorities BaFin, FCA…
  • 💼 Financial Instruments: +300K financial instruments (stocks, options, futures, forex…)
  • 📈 Analysis Tools: 100+
  • 💻 Account Types: 4; ProRealTime WEB, Complete, Mobile, and Premium.
  • 💰 Minimum Deposit: €0 ProRealTime
  • 💲Fees, depending on account:
    • Web: 100% free (no ads, no registration)
    • Complete: Starting from €24/month
    • Premium: €70/month
    • Inactivity Fee: Monthly subscription.
  • ▶️ Brokers: Interactive Brokers, Saxo Bank, IG…
  • 📧 Contact:
  • 🗣️ English Support: Yes
  • Featured Product: 100% free web trading platform (no registration required)

Which brokers offer ProRealTime?

Providing the opportunity to trade through ProRealTime is an added advantage for brokers. However, there are only a few brokers in the UK that currently offer this trading platform.

IG Markets

IG Markets is one of the leading UK brokers offering more than 18,000 underlying assets to trade.

With IG Markets, you can enjoy free access to ProRealTime. Although there is a monthly cost of £30, you can avoid this cost by placing at least four trades per calendar month. The minimum deposit required is €1,000.

👉 If you would like to gain a comprehensive understanding of this broker, including all the platforms it offers, you can read our IG review.

Interactive Brokers

Another broker that supports ProRealTime is Interactive Brokers, a highly experienced intermediary established in 1997.

To access ProRealTime with Interactive Brokers, a minimum opening balance of €3,000 is required, and the platform is free to use for active traders.

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Saxo Bank

With a Saxo Bank account, you can access ProRealTime for trading as long as your investment exceeds €3,000. Moreover, there is a VIP offer available for those with over €100,000.

Similar to the previous brokers, the platform is free for active traders. Saxo allows you to trade futures, stocks, forex, options, and commodities using ProRealTime.

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What trading assets does ProRealTime provide?

ProRealTime is a versatile trading platform that allows you to trade many assets, including:

  • Stocks
  • Futures
  • Forex
  • CFDs
  • Commodities
  • Options

In total, the platform allows you to trade with over 500,000 different financial instruments.

Types of ProRealTime accounts

This option, ProRealTime Trading, allows you to trade through the analysis platform. There are four types of real-time accounts available:

  • ProRealTime WEB: The most interesting.
  • ProRealTime Complete: With a higher level of professionalism.
  • ProRealTime Mobile: For easy access from everywhere
  • ProRealTime Premium: For institutional funds.

ProRealTime WEB

ProRealTime WEB is a very interesting option for testing the ProRealTime platform, essentially for two reasons: It's free, and you don't even need to register online.

With the Web Platform, you can explore over 300,000 asset charts (such as indices, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, currencies, etc.) in real time (with only a 15-minute delay), and as we mentioned, it's free and doesn't require registration.

In fact, as I'll show you below, ProRealTime WEB is designed for you to start trading right away with over 100 available tools, and over time, if you like it, you can decide to register or, if needed, look into opening a full account.

ProRealTime Web

Take a look at the screenshot, how you can see all kinds of indicators… and all the options you have available in a very intuitive way.

Of course, if over time you feel satisfied and comfortable using the platform and wish to expand your tools and options, you can consider upgrading to the ProRealTime Complete account, which offers a wider range of features, including a screener.

ProRealTime Complete

ProRealTime Completa stands as a comprehensive account for traders and investors seeking a robust and versatile platform for analyzing and trading in the financial markets. This version offers a complete range, including over 100 tools and functionalities designed to cater to the changing needs of users, from beginners to experienced professionals. These are some of them:

Customizable ChartsFlexible and customizable charts with various analysis tools and indicators for informed decision-making.
ProScreener and Smart ToolsProScreener, a powerful asset scanner, and smart tools like real-time alerts and PRT Bands for trading opportunities and efficient management.
Automated Trading and ScalpingProOrder Auto Trading system for creating, testing, and executing automated trading systems. Scalping tools and an optimized interface for fast and efficient trading.
Professional Market DataLow-latency data flows and non-aggregated data for real-time information. Direct market connectivity and redundant infrastructures ensure service continuity.
Volume and Order Flow AnalysisAdvanced tools like Volume Profile and order flow analysis for in-depth market dynamics exploration, identifying key support and resistance levels, and anticipating market moves.
Practice with Historical DataPaperTrading and Market Replay options allow users to practice strategies with historical data without risking real capital.
Multiple Broker OptionsTrade through the platform with three different brokers, each executing orders depending on the desired market.

As you can see, in this paid account with registration, the operational possibilities available to you are truly impressive in terms of professionalism.

ProRealTime Mobile

ProRealTime Mobile stands out as an agile and efficient solution for traders and investors who want to stay connected to the financial markets at all times and from anywhere. This mobile application, compatible with iOS and Android devices, offers a trading and technical analysis experience optimized for smaller screens without compromising the quality and depth of analysis

ProRealTime mobile
ProRealTime Mobile FeaturesDescription
Real-Time TrackingAccess to real-time market tracking.
Analysis Tools in Your PalmEquipped with over 40 technical indicators and more than 30 drawing tools in the palm of your hand.
Connectivity and SynchronizationUsers can connect to their trading account, manage positions, and adjust orders directly from the app.

ProRealTime Premium

ProRealTime Premium stands out as an advanced version of the platform, specifically designed for traders seeking a higher level of tools and functionalities. With an expanded range of options and capabilities, this version caters to professionals who require deeper analysis and more extensive trading options.

ProRealTime Premium FeaturesDescription
Historical Data and Premium Support
– Access to significantly more historical data
– View up to 200,000 candles in real-time charts
– View up to 1 million candles in Historical Data mode
Expanded Lists and Charts– Ability to view up to 10 lists simultaneously
– Display up to 100 instruments in each custom list
Automated Trading and Advanced Market Scanner– Execute up to 100 automated trading systems simultaneously
– Optimize systems by testing up to 100,000 variable combinations
Additional Alerts and Features
– Configure up to 200 simultaneous alerts with multiple conditions
– Receive notifications on the platform, via email, or SMS

In conclusion, ProRealTime Premium stands out as the ideal choice for serious traders looking to maximize their potential in the financial markets. With advanced tools, extensive historical data, and priority support, users are equipped to conduct detailed analysis and make informed decisions with confidence and precision.

How to download ProRealTime for free?

Accessing the free version of ProRealTime is very simple. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with your name and email address.
  2. Add your relevant data, such as what assets you want to trade or invest in.
  3. Download the software.
  4. Install the downloaded file

Demo account

The demo account is a free ProRealTime account that provides access to data updated at market close, rather than real-time data. It allows you to access historical data for various instruments and markets, such as the Dow Jones history since 1928.

Additionally, ProRealTime offers a two-week free trial of its virtual trading system for you to test the platform.

Costs and fees of ProRealTime

Each account of the platform has its own cost structure. Here are the key details you need to know about them.

Costs: demo account

This account is completely free of charge, allowing you to use the analysis platform without any payment required. However, please note that real-time quotes and certain advanced functionalities available in the paid versions may not be accessible in this free account.

Costs: real-time version with trading

The platform is provided free of charge for all three types of accounts that include intermediation services, under the condition that you engage in active trading, which is typically expected from users of this tool.

However, the costs associated with trading will vary depending on the broker you select. For instance, here are the costs associated with opening an account via Saxo Bank:

Costs: real-time version without trading

The real-time version without trading comes with its own cost structure, which is determined by your investor profile and the license version you opt for.

 Non-Professional and Full LicenseNon-Professional and Premium LicenseProfessional and Premium License
Monthly Subscription€29.96/month€79.99/month€240/month
6-Month Subscription€37.45/month€99.99/month€300/month
Annual Subscription€33.71/month€89.99/month€270/month

How does the ProRealTime platform work?

ProRealTime has gained its popularity as one of the leading analysis and trading platforms for good reason. Now, let's delve into its key features and characteristics.

ProRealTime features

What defines ProRealTime? These are some of its main points:

Place and manage orders directly from charts.
ProOrder and backtesting for automated systems.
Create custom algorithms for 24/7 trading.
Fast order execution, detailed reports, scalping, real-time news, personalized indicators, and data comparison.
Live assistance for user support.
User-friendly interface.
Regulatory approval by UK financial authorities.
Downloadable market screeners.
Access to historical data.
Installation options: PC, web, mobile.
ProRealTime Features

Charts and indicators

ProRealTime excels in its provision of advanced charts and a wide array of indicators and tools for comprehensive technical analysis. The platform offers three different charts per asset by default, enabling simultaneous monitoring of multiple time periods.

Users can access monthly, quarterly, and annual charts for long-term trend analysis, as well as one-second charts for day traders. The platform supports over 100 technical indicators, which can be customised and adjusted according to individual preferences, from indicator parameters to chart colour schemes.

Notably, ProRealTime automatically generates support and resistance trend lines on the charts, while allowing users to customise the colouring and styling of different support and resistance levels.

Lists in ProRealTime

One of the platform's most valuable features is the tracking lists, which allow users to monitor specific assets of interest.

ProRealTime offers pre-defined lists categorised by country or asset type, but users also have the flexibility to create their own custom lists to track after using their screeners or conducting specific research.


ProRealTrend is a powerful module within the platform that automatically plots trend lines across multiple time frames.

This tool enables users to visualise support and resistance levels, identify channels, and detect diagonal trend lines.

Furthermore, it provides the ability to identify values that are approaching significant levels or guidelines and offers customisation options for the lines displayed on the charts.


ProScreener is a highly valuable feature of ProRealTime that performs automated market scans to identify stocks or products that meet your specified criteria.

This powerful tool enables you to narrow down your focus to assets that meet your trading requirements, saving you time and effort by quickly filtering through a wide range of options.


ProBuilder is a powerful tool that allows you to program your own custom chart indicators to apply them within your trading strategy.

ProBacktest and ProOrder

These two advanced tools provide you with the capability to create, test, optimise, and automatically execute your own trading strategies.

ProBacktest allows you to rigorously test your strategies using historical data, while ProOrder enables the automatic execution of buy and sell orders based on the predefined strategy you have set.

Customer service at ProRealTime

One of the strong points of the platform is its customer service.

You can contact ProRealTime via:

  • Phone:  +44 (0)20 3868 8510
  • Email:
  • Form via the website

In addition, the platform offers a very thorough help section that includes training to learn how to use the platform, including videos, and also the answer to the most common questions.

Is ProRealTime for beginners or experts?

ProRealTime is a highly comprehensive platform that primarily caters to experienced traders who can fully leverage its capabilities. However, this does not mean it is unsuitable for novice traders. The platform is remarkably intuitive, with a relatively short learning curve, enabling beginners to learn and utilise many of its tools effectively.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of considerations. First, installation and access may be more complex compared to web-based platforms offered by various brokers. Second, the extensive range of options available on ProRealTime can initially be overwhelming for some users.

ProRealTime reviews

What is the general consensus among existing ProRealTime users? Overall, they express high satisfaction with the platform. This positive sentiment is reflected in the platform's reputation, widespread usage among professional traders and fund managers, and the company's strong brand recognition.

ProRealTime provides a dedicated section for real user reviews, offering an impartial view of user experiences. Furthermore, its Trustpilot rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars serves as an additional testament to the platform's quality and user satisfaction.

ProRealTime review: summary

The platform's success is well-deserved, backed by several key factors. Firstly, ProRealTime offers intuitive charting and trading software equipped with a range of tools and features, including decision-making support tools, technical analysis capabilities, automated trading functionality, and more.

Secondly, the software grants access to a wide range of markets, spanning stocks, futures, currencies, CFDs, commodities, gold, silver, and more, depending on the chosen broker.

Furthermore, the trading software operates on dedicated servers utilising cutting-edge technology, ensuring robust security and protection.

On the downside, the mobile application could benefit from improvements in functionality and performance.

Nevertheless, ProRealTime stands as a highly recommended trading platform adaptable to traders of all levels, whether they are embarking on their trading journey or seeking to employ more advanced functionalities.

Pros and Cons of Using ProRealTime

Advantages of using ProRealTimeDisadvantages of using ProRealTime
✅ Wide variety of indicators that can be personalised❌ Expensive stock and index data
✅ Supports stocks, forex, CFD, futures, options❌ Demo account has a limited time
✅ Automated trend line analysis❌ Can be overwhelming for novice traders
✅ Advanced backtesting tool and automated trading❌ You need a stable, good internet connection to load the software
✅ Mobile app with price alerts 
✅ Open positions directly from the chart 
✅ Can be free of charge if you are an active trader 
✅ Very powerful decision-making tools 
✅ Very powerful screener tool 

Alternatives to ProRealTime

ProRealTime may not be for everyone, so here are some other suggestions for trading platforms and brokers with proprietary trading software that may interest you:


Is ProRealTime suitable for beginners and novice traders?

ProRealTime may seem overwhelming for novice traders due to its feature-packed interface, but it may be a great starting point if you want to become an advanced or active trader thanks to its many tools.

Can ProRealTime be used on mobile devices?

Yes, ProRealTime offers a mobile application for trading on the go.

Does ProRealTime offer real-time market data?

Yes, ProRealTime provides real-time market data for a wide range of instruments and markets.

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