TradingView review: is TradingView the ultimate charting platform?

TradingView integrates advanced charting capabilities with a digital community, facilitating the exchange of information among thousands of users every day.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a comprehensive overview of TradingView, highlighting its main features, subscription packages, and also how to access it for free.

If you’re looking to start your trading journey today or to find software suitable for advanced analysis and trading, TradingView may be one of the best platforms to help you out.

What is TradingView?

TradingView was conceived as a powerful charting platform and a vibrant social network, facilitating interactions among millions of traders, investors, analysts, and researchers worldwide.

Impressively, TradingView attracts millions of users each month. By July 2022, it garnered recognition as a leading trading platform and has also been rated as one of the best apps.

One of TradingView’s notable strengths lies in its extensive library of more than 100,000 custom indicators generously shared by the community. These are programmed in Pine Script, the proprietary programming language.

TradingView platform

TradingView is renowned for its charting capabilities, advanced technical analysis tools, alerts, and its own programming language, Pine Script. Beyond its rich graphical interface, TradingView provides a multitude of features, including backtesting and real-time strategy testing, simulated trading through paper trading, a vast repository of trading ideas and strategies, and much more.

What sets TradingView apart is the access to real-time data from global stock markets, but also other markets and products, including indices, futures, and bonds.

How to create a TradingView account?

It is straightforward to create a TradingView account. You can choose to log in with your Google or social media accounts or create a separate account by completing the form below using your email and a password. There is no need to add your credit card or another payment method and the registration process is free of charge.

After this, you will be able to access the TradingView platform.

How to use TradingView?

How to use TradingView platform largely depends on your specific objectives.

For traders and investors, the primary focus is accessing and analysing the available markets. If you have a trading account, you can conveniently connect to these markets through the brokers associated with TradingView, facilitating seamless trading operations.

If you are an analyst or researcher, your interests may revolve around conducting in-depth studies on markets and economic subjects. In TradingView, you also have the ability to visualise a diverse range of macroeconomic variables, such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, spending, and many indices, among others. These data points are available for a wide array of countries, providing valuable insights for comprehensive analysis.


The products category provides access to charting tools, screeners, and also an economic calendar.

In the “Supercharts” section, you can select any product to see its pricing history and customise the chart according to your needs using many tools. Here is an example of Apple stock chart:


This section allows access to many resources provided by the TradingView community, such as live streams, trade ideas, educational ideas, and scripts (i.e., custom indicators created by other users).


The Markets section allows you to filter markets according to countries, world regions, or assets.


The News section is also very user-friendly and intuitive. You can filter world news according to the asset class you are interested in, corporate news, global market news, or even access the market analysis section.


Next, TradingView offers a section where you can see and compare all brokers available for opening an account on this trading platform.


Finally, the last section provides access to a thorough help center, download section, and solutions for businesses.

How many indicators can I use in TradingView?

TradingView integrates more than 100 pre-designed technical indicators and more than 100,000 scripts created by its community. Additionally, there are numerous charting types, strategies, patterns, and many other tools available.

How to set stop loss and take profit in TradingView?

When initiating an order ticket to buy or sell within TradingView, you have the flexibility to set “stop loss” and “take profit” values using a range of criteria, including ticks, price levels, monetary units, and percentages.

It’s important to note that these specific criteria can vary depending on the broker you are trading with. Here is an example:

How to invert the price scale in TradingView?

Typically, charts in TradingView show a standard scale that represents the measured variable in ascending values, ranging from lower to higher, often starting from 0.

However, TradingView offers the ability to invert the scale of a chart through the price context menu. Enabling this option results in a reversed price scale, where price increases are displayed from top to bottom:

In other words, when the scale is inverted, higher prices are depicted at the top of the chart, while lower prices appear at the bottom. This feature provides users with the flexibility to customise their chart views according to their preferences and analytical needs.

How to connect a broker with TradingView?

Remember that many companies have their own trading platforms in desktop and mobile formats.

However, many of them or those that do not have their own platforms, also allow the use of various trading software to which you can access by logging into your account and then selecting the broker with which you maintain an investment account.

In TradingView the process works like this:

  1. Access TradingView.
  2. Go to the brokers tab and select your broker.
  3. Log in with your brokerage account details.
  4. Start trading from the TradingView interface.

Which brokers can I trade with on TradingView?

Perhaps one of the most competitive brokers that offer access to TradingView is Eightcap. This CFD broker allows you to invest in forex, commodities, stocks, and other assets with highly competitive fees starting from 0 pips. In addition, there are no costs for withdrawals or deposits and is a well-rounded choice for both beginners and experts.

Apart from TradingView, this broker also offers MT4 and MT5, which makes it very easy to trade with the most popular trading platforms in the world using only one brokerage account.

Have a look at our Eightcap review for more information.

Moreover, TradingView offers a wide range of broker options, providing users with ample choices for their trading needs. Some of these other options include:

Keep in mind that access to markets, minimum deposit to open an account, cost, and other features depend on the broker you choose.

How much does it cost to trade with TradingView?

TradingView has multiple packages. It’s worth noting that each subscription has a 30-day free trial. However, the basic access is for free, albeit very limited, but ideal for those who want to try out the platform first.

Monthly Subscription Plans

Annually subscription plans

For those who want to trade in the long term, the yearly subscription plans come with a discount:

As a result, this option caters to individuals with significantly larger budgets, encompassing both experienced traders and established analysts and researchers in the financial markets.

How to pay for TradingView subscription?

PayPal handles TradingView’s payment processes, so you can either use your PayPal account or major credit cards.

How to pay for TradingView with cryptocurrencies?

To give greater flexibility to its potential users, TradingView accepts payments with cryptocurrencies, but only for annual plans. Coinbase handles the payment process, and you can pay with BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, or DOGE.

Can I use TradingView for free?

TradingView also offers free access. However, this version contains adds and is more limited compared to the paid plans. For example, you can only use one chart at a time, with a maximum of 3 simultaneous indicators. However, it is still an excellent way to test the platform before making a decision as it still offers many useful tools, including backtesting, over 90 smart drawing tools, Pine Script access, price alerts, and many more.

Are there more advanced free options in TradingView?

Yes, you can test any of the paid plans for free for 30 days.

However, it is important to note that to activate the trial, you will be required to provide your payment method details upfront.

How to install TradingView for free?

To install TradingView for free, simply create an account following the steps discussed earlier in the article, by providing your email address and password, or by linking an existing social media account.

TradingView alternatives

Would you like to explore more options before embarking on your trading journey? Here are some more articles that may help you find the right trading platform and broker for your needs:

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TradingView: summary

By utilising TradingView, you can engage in trading activities, gain insights from the vibrant user community, and delve deeper into the platform’s functionalities to enhance your market knowledge.

Whether you’re a trader, investor, analyst, or researcher, TradingView equips you with the necessary tools to explore and navigate the dynamic world of financial markets.


Can I use TradingView for free?

Yes, TradingView offers a basic and completely free profile. By creating an account with your email, you can access a range of features and tools without any charge.

Can I connect my trading account to TradingView?

Yes, TradingView allows you to connect your trading account to their platform. The availability of specific brokers may vary, so it’s recommended to check the supported brokers list on the TradingView website.

Is TradingView suitable for beginner traders?

Yes, TradingView caters to traders of all experience levels, making it suitable for beginners. The platform offers an intuitive user interface, educational resources, and a supportive community.

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