About Us

What is Rankia?

Rankia is the leading Latin financial community worldwide with over 500,000 registered users. Our mission, since our inception in February 2003, has been to bring more transparency to the complex financial sector, helping our users and readers to make better financial decisions.

Rankia is aimed at investors and private consumers who want to resolve their doubts and exchange opinions and information, sharing their knowledge and concerns on various financial topics in forums, blogs, webinars, courses and community events. In addition, we have multiple tools to compare the best options in different investment and household products and help our users choose the product that best suits their needs.

A bit of history

Rankia was born in February 2003 as a project where we wanted to help share financial information between users in this new community. Since then, we have maintained the same initial philosophy, inspired by the Cluetrain Manifesto (1999), which foresaw that the markets of the future would mainly be conversations between end users.

Then, after a strong growth in users and content, in 2007 we decided to create a new company: Rankia S.L.

In 2013 we started our internationalisation in five Latin American countries. In 2020 we started our activity in Italy, Germany and Poland.

What do Rankia users say?

“The hive of financial wisdom”

“Rankia is the best forum on the stock market, with real investors showing their trading without any interest, in others you have to pay to read opinions that don’t have to be the best.”

“Rankia is a friendly community where you will always find help and exchange opinions in the financial and investment field. Rankia guarantees your freedom of expression completely, as long as you maintain a minimum of respect and politeness. Your opinions, no matter how much they criticise the big powers, are not censored or moderated.”

“Rankia is my go-to place for information on financial matters and the like. A few months ago I was curious about getting into investment funds and over these months I owe 95% of everything I have learned about funds to Rankia. After reading a lot over these months and getting to know myself in terms of my risk profile, I now consider myself able to put together my first fund portfolio, which I intend to present to the forum so that other foreigners can give me their opinion and suggest possible improvements. Rankia has also been very helpful to me in solving doubts on other issues such as taxation, insurance, etc.

“For me it is a corner where I can find varied and well-founded opinions, where I can share different points of view. I also use it as an archive wallpaper. When in doubt, you have the solution. All immersed in a good forero atmosphere. Because reading a newspaper is important, but usually you can’t participate as actively as here.

“Collective financial brainstorming

“Rank is utility, independence, plurality and respect”.

“Rankia is the Google of finance. Like many others, most of my stock market knowledge comes from Rankia. At least, it was like the cement that held them together, even though like so many others I was first and foremost just an anonymous explorer. Rankia combines learning, fun and experience. It is the fundamental bastion for the investor – or those who want to be. Simply offering real-time quotes completes an orgasmic experience for Bolsamans…’.

“A very interesting website where opinions can be exchanged between community members, educational and fun, where even people like me who don’t like online social networks can come in and talk about anything that is interesting to the collective, sometimes even finance.”

“Rankia is a barter of knowledge”.

“A meeting place, where I found answers, solutions, reflections, information of all kinds, in short, help, both for financial and also personal matters…. I found friends, people to talk to, read to, listen to, in short a reflection of the world we live in… I consider Rankia as my home’.

Our team

People are always the key to the development of any organisation. From the birth of Rankia with its two founders, Miguel Arias and Juan Such, to the present day, almost 20 years have passed in which the human side has gradually gained ground. We are a young and motivated team, passionate about the Internet as a way of exchanging impressions, questioning things and making better financial decisions. We currently number over 50 people and you can find us in our offices in Valencia or Madrid (and always online). Here you can see most of us in the photo celebrating our 20th anniversary in February 2023:

The Rankia Team – February 2023