DEGIRO UK review: features, tools, and fees explained

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely because you’ve found information about DEGIRO, one of the most popular brokers for stock market investments.

*Degiro UK, the UK subsidiary of FlatexDegiro, has stopped onboarding new client accounts, at least temporarily.*

Boasting nearly 2.5 million customers across Europe, DEGIRO has become a top choice among users. Notably, as of this year, it is the broker with the largest user base throughout Europe.

Given its prominence, this article seeks to analyse this online broker, delving into its strengths, weaknesses, security measures, platform usability, commissions, and the array of assets available for investment.

degiro review

Main features of DEGIRO UK

Let’s briefly see the features of this broker:

  • 🏆 Regulation: FCA (UK)
  • 🔒 Guarantee fund: €20,000 (German Investor Protection Scheme)
  • 💼 Financial assets: stocks and ETFs, options, futures, bonds, and warrants
  • 🌐 Markets: More than global 30 markets
  • 💻 Account types: Basic, Active, Trader, and Day Trader
  • 💲 Commissions:
    • UK Stocks: £1.75 + handling £1
    • Selected ETFs: €0 + €1
    • Options and futures: €0.75
  • 💰 Minimum deposit: €0.1€
  • 📈 Platform: Proprietary
  • 📧 Contact:
    • Email:
    • Phone: +44 (0) 20 3695 7834

History of DEGIRO

DEGIRO was founded in 2008 as a firm that offered financial services to professional clients.

In September 2013 they launched their service for retail customers in the Netherlands. Subsequently, during 2014 and 2015, DEGIRO embarked on a journey of expansion into other European countries.

The platform launched in the UK in 2015 and expanded to other European countries including Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

The year 2020 marked a crucial milestone for DEGIRO when it was acquired by Flatex AG (FTK.DE), leading to the formation of one of Europe’s largest brokers. Together, they now boast over 1 million customers and facilitate more than 50 million transactions annually.

DEGIRO is listed on the primary stock exchange in Germany, and its stock price has witnessed remarkable growth.

Is DEGIRO safe? | Regulation and guarantees

To address this concern, we will explore two critical aspects: the regulatory oversight of DEGIRO and the securities that protect your funds.

DEGIRO Regulation UK

DEGIRO operates under the direct supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

Additionally, since flatexDEGIRO Bank AG functions as a regulated German bank, it is primarily overseen by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin), the German financial regulator.

DEGIRO guarantee fund

Next, let’s explore the safety of your funds. In the event of a bank’s bankruptcy, you might wonder if your capital is protected.

DEGIRO moves clients’ assets to a separate entity, ensuring that in case of bankruptcy, the funds remain intact.

While unlikely, if the protecting entity were to go bankrupt, DEGIRO falls under the purview of the German Investor Compensation Scheme. In such an unfortunate scenario, losses to your capital would be compensated up to 90% (capped at €20,000).

Custodian EntityStichting DEGIRO
RegulatorBaFiN (Germany)
Deposit Protection 90% of your capital (up to €20,000)
Degiro guarantee funds

Products of DEGIRO

One of the most highly regarded aspects of DEGIRO is its extensive range of markets and products.

It is important to understand that DEGIRO acts as an execution broker. It should be noted that DEGIRO positions itself as a low-cost broker, focusing on providing a user-friendly platform designed for beginner investors or those without extensive trading experience.

Here is a snapshot of the main products you can trade with DEGIRO:

  • ✅ Stocks
  • ❌ Forex
  • ❌ CFDs
  • ✅ Funds
  • ✅ Futures
  • ✅ Options
  • ✅ Bonds
  • ✅ Commodities
  • ❌ Cryptocurrencies

Let’s have a look at each asset class individually.

DEGIRO Stocks and ETFs

DEGIRO provides access to over 50 stock exchanges and more than 5,000 ETFs, including the largest international markets and several smaller European stock exchanges.

Mutual funds

While DEGIRO does offer investment funds, it’s true that the catalogue is relatively limited, comprising only 64 funds. However, these funds provide exposure to offerings managed by renowned entities like BlackRock or Vanguard.


DEGIRO facilitates trading diverse bond types, both government and corporate, boasting an extensive catalogue of over 650 debt products. Notably, the selection includes prominent European countries’ public debt bonds, such as those from the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Belgium, and Germany.

Options and futures

Through DEGIRO, it is also possible to trade some derivatives, mainly options and futures from markets such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Nymex, or Eurex.

With DEGIRO, you will have access to 12 options markets and 14 futures.

Markets available with DEGIRO

One of GIRO’s most famous features is the wide range of markets it offers, which sets it apart from other financial intermediaries. DEGIRO, in particular, provides access to multiple markets that are not generally available through other platforms and at a significantly lower cost.

For instance, it stands out as one of the few intermediaries allowing retail users to directly access markets like Turkey, Australia, and several European markets.

DEGIRO european markets
Source: DEGIRO
asian stocks degiro
Source: DEGIRO

However, it’s important to be aware of some limitations that exist in markets like Hong Kong and Canada.

  • Hong Kong: While you can place orders for execution in the Hong Kong market, it’s important to note that you may not see the live quote price. Additionally, there is a possibility that your order might not be executed.
  • Canada: Specific companies may require you to buy and sell shares in lots of 100 shares each. Trading individual shares might not be possible, and you’ll need to adhere to the lot size requirement.

Types of DEGIRO UK accounts

DEGIRO offers four different types of accounts for diverse trading preferences: Basic, Active, Trader, and Day Trader. When you register, a basic account will be created for you. To change the account type, you must fulfil several requirements, as detailed below.

Basic account

The Basic account is well-suited for beginners or individuals who do not engage in derivatives trading. It provides access to all DEGIRO products and services, except for trading in derivatives, short positions, futures, and margin trading.

Upon registering with DEGIRO, the Basic account is the default option. However, users can later switch from the Basic account to either the Active or Trader account.

Active and trader accounts

The Active and Trader accounts are extensions of the Basic account. Unlike the Basic account, these two allow users to trade with leverage and engage in short positions for both stocks and derivatives.

The primary difference between the Active and Trader accounts lies in the use of Short Positions in Cash. While the Active account allows up to 50% of the available margin, the Trader account permits leveraging up to 100% of the available margin.

Day trader account

The day trader profile allows day traders to transact for a longer time so the trading window is from 08:00 AM to 9:30 PM CET. It’s worth mentioning that activating this profile is not generally recommended, as traders at this level might find other brokers more specialised for professionals.

Moreover, obtaining the Day Trader profile requires prior contact with DEGIRO’s Customer Service Department, as it cannot be activated online.

How to open an account with DEGIRO UK in 4 steps?

Opening a DEGIRO account is a swift and straightforward process that should only take a few minutes. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Go to the broker’s homepage and click on the “Open an account” button.

2. Provide your personal details, such as your email, username, and password.

3. Once you have received the email confirmation of the account, you must accept the terms and conditions.

4. Next, complete your personal information and submit the necessary documents. It’s important to note that to commence trading, you’ll need to link your bank account.

DEGIRO fees and costs

DEGIRO is a low-cost broker that stands out for its competitive costs in North American and exotic markets and does not have custody fees or charges for dividend processing.

However, it’s important to consider that the broker does apply a handling fee for certain assets, such as funds and stocks.

Fees for stocks DEGIRO UK

Each share trade will be subject to a fixed handling fee of £1 (or equivalent for stocks in other currencies). In addition to this, the commission varies based on which exchange the stock is listed:

ExchangeCommissionHandling fee
European exchanges€3.90€1

Fees for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) DEGIRO

Another important feature of DEGIRO is that there is a wide list of ETFs, making DEGIRO one of the best ETF brokers. Also, there is a rich selection of commission-free ETFs:

 CommissionHandling fee
Global ETFs€2€1

Costs for investment funds

DEGIRO offers a broad range of mutual funds from prestigious investment companies such as Goldman Sachs, Actiam, BNP Paribas, Aberdeen Standard, and Fidelity. When investing in funds, it’s crucial to review the fund’s TER (total expense ratio).

Costs for bonds

Bonds are charged a commission of €2 and a handling fee of €1. Other fees, such as spreads, connectivity, or currency, may also apply.

Costs for derivates

DEGIRO offers options and futures. As with other products, the costs are highly competitive: contracts are charged €0.75 each (both options and futures).

Exchange connection fee

DEGIRO will charge you €2.50 per calendar year if you connect to an exchange other than the UK exchange.

Non-trading fees

Finally, DEGIRO does not charge commissions for inactivity, deposits and withdrawals of capital:

other fees DEGIRO
Source: DEGIRO
StocksUK£1.75 per trade
US/Canada€1.00 per trade
European selected markets€3.90 per trade
Asia/Australia€5.00 per trade
ETFsCore SelectionFree*
Other ETFs€2.00 per trade
BondsSelect European markets€2.00 per trade
Options and FuturesAll markets€0.75 per contract
Exercise or Assignment€1.00 per contract
Investment FundsSelect fundsFree
Others€3.90 + 0.20% service fee
Currency ConversionAutomatic conversion0.25% of transaction
Account ManagementExchange connection€2.50 per year per exchange
Real-time QuotesSelected exchangesFree
Other exchanges€5.00 to €10.00 per month
Portfolio ServicesTransfers, conversions, shareholder servicesVaries
PenaltiesInsufficient Funds/MarginStarts at €50.00 + 0.50%

DEGIRO trading platform

As part of this DEGIRO review, let’s delve into its trading platform.

DEGIRO offers a user-friendly and straightforward proprietary platform, which can be considered an advantage or disadvantage depending on the user’s experience level.

The platform’s simplicity makes it easy for novice users to search for assets and execute trades seamlessly. However, for more advanced users who are accustomed to sophisticated platforms like Metatrader or ProRealTime, DEGIRO’s platform may seem limited in terms of available functionalities.

DEGIRO platform

Firstly, the Market section provides users with a comprehensive global view of the market situation. It presents daily variations of global indices, offering insights into the performance of various markets. Additionally, the platform displays a list of top-performing stocks and those experiencing significant declines, giving users a snapshot of the current market trends.

The other sections allow you to check other information, such as:

  • Portfolio shows a history of closed trades and your current open trades.
  • Account shows information about deposits and withdrawals, commissions and and others.
  • Orders section contains all the orders waiting to be executed and the history of placed orders.
  • The transaction section shows a list of all your trades.
  • The Reports section includes all the annual reports, which include all the necessary information to complete taxation reports.
  • Favourites section contains a list of all your favourite assets.

There is also a news section to check the latest market news. However, perhaps one of the most interesting sections is the Agenda.

agenda degiro UK

This section lets you see a snapshot of the most important company information, such as dividends, yield, and planned dividend dates. As shown above, DEGIRO has a mobile app replicating the web or desktop platform.

Types of orders with DEGIRO UK

DEGIRO offers various types of orders to cater to different trading strategies and preferences. However, it’s crucial to remember that orders may not be executed in highly volatile market conditions.

These are the 5 types of orders that you can place with DEGIRO:

  • Market order
  • Limit order
  • Stop loss order
  • Stop limit order
  • Trailing stop loss order (only available on German exchanges)

It’s essential to consider that in markets where DEGIRO is a member, like Euronext, you can place stop orders directly during order configuration. In other markets, you might have to wait to add stop orders after placing the initial order, adhering to their specified ranges and with a validity of 90 days.

For example, if you buy a Bayer share in the United States at $50 and want to put a stop loss at $35 for a long-term hold, you might receive an error stating that the stop loss is set at too low a price. If the order isn’t executed within 90 days, it will expire.

Real-time data with DEGIRO

Regarding real-time quotes, DEGIRO provides free real-time quotes as a standard feature across all types of accounts.

You can access data from your home exchanges for free, but for other exchanges, there is a maximum charge of 0.25% of your total portfolio value per annum (up to €2.50) for each exchange, except for the Irish Stock Exchange. Additionally, for US options, the fee is €5.00 per exchange per calendar month.

Deposits and withdrawals with DEGIRO

When you create an account with DEGIRO, you need to link your bank account. For deposits and withdrawals, you can only use the same bank account. Processing may take 2-4 working hours, but there are no fees charged by DEGIRO.

Customer service at DEGIRO

DEGIRO’s customer service can be contacted 24/7 via email ( Phone service is also available on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (44 (0) 20 3695 7834).

Unlike other brokers, DEGIRO does not provide a live chat for quick assistance, and you may need to wait 1 business day to get a reply to your email.


Regarding tax reporting for your investment portfolio, DEGIRO has made the process remarkably convenient for its users. From the trading platform, you can download reports to see your entire situation at the end of the financial year. If in doubt, contacting a tax professional is always a good idea.

DEGIRO promotions

0% commission on ETFs

DEGIRO offers certain ETFs without commissions. Each month, you can make an ETF trade with no commissions as long as it is not a short position. The following trades in the same ETF and during the same month will not include a commission fee if you place an order in the same direction (i.e., buy or sell) and the value is at least 1,000 currency units (GBP, USD, or EUR).

Training & Education with DEGIRO

DEGIRO has an abundant knowledge section. For free, general investing and trading knowledge, such as the Investor’s Academy, products, strategies, and even a blog.


UK residents can benefit from excellent investment incentives, such as avoiding taxes on dividends, interest, and capital gains. This can significantly impact retirement timelines, potentially reducing them by five years or more.

DEGIRO does not offer any form of ISA (Investment Savings Account), be it Cash, Stocks and Shares, Innovative Finance, or Lifetime ISAs. If you are interested in a Stocks and Shares ISA, you might want to consider alternatives such as Hargreaves Lansdown or Interactive Brokers.

DEGIRO reviews

DEGIRO’s reputation has garnered significant attention, given its status as the broker with the largest user base in Europe. As a result, there is a wealth of opinions and reviews about the platform.

While some critics have pointed out the lack of certain services and advanced features, many investors have found DEGIRO’s platform user-friendly and commend its competitive fee structure. Generally, the investor community has expressed positive sentiments, although some reviews may be mixed, particularly from users seeking a more sophisticated and professional broker.

On Truspillot, one of the prominent forums for discussions on brokers and financial services, DEGIRO boasts an overall positive evaluation – 4.3 out 5 stars, with over 60% of all users rating it 5 stars.

The same is applicable to Google Play Store, where the app recorded over 1 million downloads.

degiro review uk app
degiro opinions uk app

Summary: DEGIRO review

DEGIRO is a safe, affordable, and user-friendly option for trading and investing in the largest global markets. Its key strengths include competitive rates, 0% commission ETFs, and access to many important global markets.

Opening an account is simple, requiring no minimum deposit, and the user-friendly trading platform is well-suited even for those with limited trading experience.

On the downside, DEGIRO’s offering lacks access to cryptocurrency and forex trading, which may be a drawback for some traders. Additionally, it doesn’t provide a demo account service or the option to buy fractional shares, features that some other brokers are already offering.

In conclusion, this DEGIRO review finds it one of the top stock brokers available, particularly for investors from Europe. With its competitive rates, wide market access, and ease of use, DEGIRO remains a preferred choice for many investors seeking a hassle-free and cost-effective trading experience.

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Pros and cons of DEGIRO

Pros of DEGIROCons of DEGIRO
✅Regulated by FCA❌ No forex or cryptocurrencies
✅ Low commissions and other fees❌ No demo account
✅ Selection of free ETFs❌ No fractional shares
✅ Access to a large number of markets 
✅ Expansive product catalogue 
✅ User-friendly trading platform 

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Does DEGIRO have a demo account?

No, DEGIRO does not provide a demo account. However, you can deposit 0.01 to open an account for free.

Is DEGIRO compatible with MT4?

No, DEGIRO only offers a proprietary trading platform.

Can you trade crypto with DEGIRO?

No, you cannot access crypto if you open an account with DEGIRO.

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